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my name is diana.

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late night thoughts.

to stay or leave.

to take a risk (again) or go with something secured.

i should have just gone to straight to sleep xD

let’s hope for the best.

it’s interesting to see news articles referred to obama’s possible moves as “he would grant people ‘legal status’”…every article i’ve seen keeps using the same terminology. reporters need to get right xD there is a difference between “legal status” and “legal presence”. whatever happens obama would only be able to provide deferred action & legal presence through work permits NOT legal status…get it together news!

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Any good break up quotes? I think I was the Victoria to his Ted </3
dianaliz dianaliz Said:


"Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things." - Ted to Zoey

We gotta wait for the real thing, no matter how tough it gets. - Ted

And just in case … 

The future is scary but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes it’s tempting but it’s a mistake. - Robin

all of my grandparents passed away a few years back. my dad’s dad passed away when he was only 5. i wasn’t even born yet. my two grandmas passed away when i was in my teens. we were able to say goodbye to both.

today, i found out my cousin’s grandma passed away. i met her a few times. she lived right around the corner where we used to live in mexicali. she was a strong lady.

my aunt won’t be able to go see her mother. one last time. my cousins won’t be able to go see their grandma either. and that fucking sucks. it is just one reality of the millions of undocumented immigrants who have not been able to see their families for years. those walls along with all the -isms have kept families apart…


It’s National Tequila Day! In honor of this great day, here are some of our favorite tequila-based cocktails. Enjoy responsibly!


Coconut Creamsicle Margarita 


Tequila Bramble Cocktail


The Paloma


The Bruja Smash

And remember…


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making the rest of july and august count! :D



i know what i want for dinner xD

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that moment when you see your ex- and you are like “i am so better without you” *cue kelly clarkson’s song “war is over”

i got my latest sign that i am soooo ready to move out san diego.

t-minus a little over a month to move out!


I Just Want You - Sara Bareilles


1. Always Remember Me (Ry Cuming) [x]
2. Barcelona (Jay Nash) [x]
3. Broken Headlights (Joey Ryan) [x]
4. Clementine (Raining Jane) [x]
5. Come Back Down (Greg Laswell) [x]
6. Come Home (OneRepublic) [x]
7. Could You Please (Javier Dunn) [x]
8. Disappearing (Dan Wilson) [x]

sad panda. she is coming to sd next week. won’t see her concert. at least i found this gem.